Sallyanne C. Johnson, MA
Licensed Professional Counselor

You always had it.  You always had the power. 
                                                            --Wizard of Oz
Practice Highlights
  • Stress, anxiety and panic attacks
  • Depression
  • Low self-esteem (negative self-judgment and self-defeating behaviors)
  • Life transitions
  • Attachment and relationship difficulties
  • Anger problems

Speciality Areas
Breakthrough Techniques
My name is Sallyanne Johnson.  I am a Licensed Professional Counselor dedicated to helping adults reclaim themselves. I practice in Aspen, Colorado.   I believe our childhood experiences can influence our entire lives.  My role as a therapist is to bring awareness to subsequent limiting patterns and  then help clients create new pathways for a preferred life.
We all have solutions within us – it is a matter of learning how to tap into them.  Helping clients discover their own strengths and break free from negative thinking and behavior patterns.

  • Establish understanding, forgiveness, compassion and support towards oneself.
  • Expand on the strengths already existing within, while clearing away old beliefs and behaviors that no longer work.
  • Establish the capacity to realistically perceive others which lessens inappropriate guilt and diminishes over reaction to rejection or to the negative choices of others.
  • Develop a strong sense of self-worth and confidence to increase the experience of happiness.
Proven Results
"What I like best about Sallyanne is the way she brings her human side with her to the sessions.  It makes it easier to open up and be vulnerable."
"Instead of always trying to prove I am right, I have learned through therapy that I am a good person with feelings, values, beliefs and boundaries that deserve to be recognized." 
"She has helped me through a terrible loss, and I believe I have the tools to better survive the next time."
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Located in Aspen,  Colorado 

I offer clients a safe environment with no judgment or shame, only healing.  I use both traditional and alternative methods of therapy. 

Phone:  (970) 618-9002