What clients are saying...
Sallyanne C. Johnson, MA
Licensed Professional Counselor
"Because of therapy, I feel stronger and more focused. I am not so moody, I'm smiling more, and laughing for the first time without faking it."

"Sallyanne taught me to utilize the strength I have within and stand up and fight for myself because I'm worth it."

"She really helped with my anger. I am able to tell people how I feel, and it does not flare out of control any more."

"Sallyanne is nonjudgmental and always there for me."

"I love the calmness of my therapist and feeling so comfortable with her."

"She introduced me to possibilities and alternative ways of looking at myself and the things that have happened in my life, so I didn't feel so overwhelmed."

"She provides safety and support so I can look inside myself and learn who I am."

"She has helped me through a terrible loss, and I believe I have the tools to better survive the next time."

"Instead of always trying to prove I am right, I have learned through therapy that I am a good person with feelings, values, beliefs and boundaries that deserve to be recognized."

"Thanks to Sallyanne, we now use more constructive ways of communicating with each other, and the romance is back in our marriage."

"Sallyanne taught me that I can change how I think and feel, freeing me from old patterns that kept me stuck. I know now that I have choices no matter what the situation is and can move forward with my life."

"Sallyanne provides a calm, yet challenging atmosphere which allows her clients to explore the issues that have become problems for them. She also provides tools and makes suggestions that are useful outside of the office setting. The work we have done with her helped save our marriage."

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